The future of wearable computing – a review from InsideAR 2013

The future of wearable computing – a review from InsideAR 2013.

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In the Welcome Keynote of InsideAR 2013 Metaio Co-founders CEO Dr. Thomas Alt and CTO Peter Meier stressed the importance of enabling “always on, always augmented” experiences while exploring new form factors like wearable computing. And analysts such as R “Ray” Wang of Constellation, Joshua Flood of ABI Research, and futurist & academic Luke Robert Mason as well as Jay Kim of APX Labs gave their own outlooks into the future of digital business and wearable devices.

In case you missed their keynotes, here they are:

Luke Robert Mason, Virtual Futures: “New Narratives for the future of AR”

Luke Robert Mason is a researcher in emerging technology, performance practitioner and journalist based between London and Birmingham. His work is largely focused on the role that media art can fill as a tool for understanding one of the most important intellectual and cultural developments of our times – the technological extension of the human condition. Currently, he is working as the sole-researcher on innovative digital book project.

Jay Kim, APX Labs: The business of smart glass

Jay Kim is the Director of Research & Development at APX Labs, a Virginia-based company focused on the adaption of smart glasses in enterprise and industrial environments. Using Skylight, APX’s enterprise smart glasses platform, Jay leads the large scale implementation of wearable computing and display technology for customers’ worldwide operations. Jay’s APX R&D efforts include the user-centric convergence of wearable devices for consumer and industrial applications, mobile biometric devices, and healthcare applications of smart glasses. As a globally recognized expert on wearable display hardware and device implementation matters, he is frequently consulted by research organizations, systems integrators, and mobile device manufacturers. An electrical and systems engineer with a concentration in mobile and wireless technology.

Joshua Flood, ABI Research: AR will be the magic key for smart glasses

Based in the UK, Josh Flood is a senior analyst for ABI Research‘s mobile devices, applications and content team. Josh focuses on mobile device enabling technologies, functionality, user interfaces, and form factors used in handsets, such as smartphones, enhanced feature phones, and low-cost phones. He also covers mobile software, security, and other services. Josh is an experienced market analyst with strong analytical and relationship-building skills. Prior to joining ABI Research he worked for Harris Interactive as a research account manager for its business, industrial, and consumer sectors on custom research projects. Previous to his work at Harris Interactive, Josh served as a market analyst at IMS Research, producing in-depth reports on the power management and power supply markets.

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Experiencias abiertas e interoperables – Video de Christine Perey en Inside AR 2012

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También durante el pasado Inside AR de Munich 2012

Christine Perey de Perey Research & Consulting explica en este vídeo cómo los estándares y los sistemas compatibles pueden beneficiar y potenciar diversas experiencias de usuario a través de múltiples secotres de la tecnología y los negocios.

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