Augmented Dallas: Meet Rajesh, the newest member of Metaio

Augmented Dallas: Meet Rajesh, the newest member of Metaio.

Deep in the AR of Texas. 

Metaio opens Dallas office to ramp augmented reality hardware research

If you haven’t already heard, Metaio has expanded its US operation to Dallas, Texas, longtime technology hub and host to companies like AT&T, RIM, Ericsson and of course, Texas Instruments.

It’s from the latter that we welcome our newest member, Rajesh Narasimha. Before joining Metaio, Rajesh was a member of TI’s Video, Imaging and Vision Lab in the System and Applications R&D Center. There he authored and co-authored more than 35 publications while filing more than 10 patents.

Holding both a Masters and PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, the +7 years of computer vision experience Rajesh brings to the Metaio US team will be invaluable as we continue our efforts to create hardware that will accelerate augmented reality experiences current and future mobile devices.

Rajesh Narasimha of Metaio

From Rajesh: “Metaio is the industry leader in AR technology and I feel that with my background and experience I can contribute to the existing and emerging areas of embedded augmented and vision technology.”

Metaio has a long history of working with mobile and semiconductor platforms all over the world. We hope to both continue and bolster new and existing relationships in our pursuit of introducing the AREngine into mobile devices, just as we announced at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.  The new office in Dallas is a huge step towards making that happen

As the span of Metaio grows, so too does the company- Metaio is hiring for nearly all development and business roles! Interested in joining the team? Check out our Career page and learn more about the company.

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